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 Who is the Data Controller for the processing of your data?

The Spanish company PUNTO FA, S.L. is the Data Controller for processing the personal data of the candidates. ("MANGO" or the "Company"), with Corporate Tax ID number B-59088948. The contact details of the person in charge are as follows: Carrer dels Mercaders 9-11, (Riera Caldes Industrial Estate), 08184 Palau-Solità i Plegamans (Barcelona), Spain, e-mail: Additionally, the data subject is informed that MANGO has appointed a Data Protection Officer to deal with any question regarding the processing of your personal data. The data subject may contact the MANGO Data Protection Delegate through the e-mail address:

What kind of personal information do we collect?

MANGO processes the following personal data the data subject or a third party sends us, in case where the latter is so authorized: contact information, such as name, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number etc., date of birth, gender, academic training, employment history and references, recruitment documents, test results. MANGO does not request specially protected personal data, so please do not send this type of information.

With what purpose and legitimisation do we process your personal data?

In general, the personal data of the data subject collected and obtained by MANGO will be processed in order to manage, develop and monitor the applicant's candidacy to work at MANGO.
Additionally, the Company may process certain data of the data subject based on the legitimate interest of the former, provided interests do not prevail over the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject required by the protection of personal data.
Finally, certain data of the data subject will be processed additionally if the latter has previously granted their consent to this effect, under the terms set out below.

Purpose. What is the data processed for? / Legitimisation. Lawful basis for processing.  / Consent of the data subject
Management of the candidatures of the data subjects in present or future recruitment processes at MANGO. This may include, where applicable, the participation of the data subject in various personal interviews and other tests determined within the selection processes in which they could participate, as well as the submission of personal documents such as personal identification documents, professional profile, academic history, etc.

Sending by electronic mail or any other means of electronic communication of the automatic notifications with information about the new employment opportunities of the MANGO Group.

Contact with the data subject to arrange interviews and/or meetings in order to assess their candidacy for a vacancy.

Request of performance references from the former employers of the candidate.

Application of pre-contractual measures, at the request of the data subject.

In the event that, at the end of the recruitment process, the data subject is selected and accepts the offer, reception, management and storage of the necessary documents for the registration of the data subject in the MANGO database for the future formalisation of the corresponding employment contract

In the event that, at the end of the recruitment process, the data subject is selected and accepts the offer, sending a welcome communiqué with the necessary information for the commencement of their professional activity at MANGO.

In the event that the data subject is outside the location where the vacancy is to be filled, management of the possible booking of the flight and hotel to the destination city, which may entail the transfer of the necessary data for this purpose to the company providing the aforementioned services, in turn, involving the international transfer of data.
Archive and storage of the personal data of the data subject in MANGO databases for future vacancies that may fit with their professional profile.

Analysis and review of the professional profile by the employees in charge of personnel recruitment at MANGO and, where applicable, by the managers or managers of the area in which the vacancy to be filled exists. In cases where those responsible are outside the territory of the European Union, this will result the performing of international transfers.

How long do we store your data?
The personal data of the data subject will be store only during the period of time that is reasonably necessary, provide the latter does not manifest a desire to erase them beforehand. In both cases, the data will be blocked until the applicable statute of limitations expires.

To which recipients will your data be communicated?

The Company may carry out data communications to the following entities:

- To other companies of the MANGO Group.

One of our objectives is to manage the recruitment processes of all the companies of the MANGO Group. Therefore, it may be necessary to communicate the personal data of the data subject to member companies of the MANGO Group that are directly involved in the recruitment processes in which they are participating or because the profile of the data subject may fit the profile of the candidate they are seeking. Consequently, we understand that, by providing information through our recruitment website, the data subject expressly authorises the Company to make such communications to said companies.

- Providers of services with which the Company contracts or may contract and have the status of data processor, such as suppliers of recruitment tests and/or surveys, personnel recruitment agencies, travel agencies and hotel reservation agencies, among others.

- Wherever applicable, public administrations, as well as public authorities and bodies and organisations.

In addition, international data transfers may occur in the event that the recipient companies are outside the European Union. For transfers made to countries that do not have a ruling compatible with the European Commission, MANGO will use as a guarantee the Standard Contract Clauses adapted by the European Commission and the EU-US Privacy Shield. In any case, third parties with whom certain personal data are shared will have previously accredited the adoption of appropriate technical and organisational measures for the correct protection of the same.

What are your rights?

The data subject may exercise their rights of access, rectification, erasure, opposition, limitation of processing and data portability in the cases and within the scope established by the applicable legislation at all times.

If you have given us your consent to the processing of your data for any purpose, you also have the right to withdraw it at any time.
Whenever the processing of the data is based on the legitimate interest of the Company, the data subject will also have the right to oppose the processing of their data.

Finally, the data subject has the right to file a complaint with the relevant data protection control authority.

To exercise these rights, the data subject may contact the Company through one of the following channels:

- To the Data Protection Officer of the Company.

- Sending a letter indicating the right you intend to exercise and regarding which processing, to the following address: Carrer dels Mercaders, 9-11 (Riera Caldes Industrial Estate), 08184 Palau-solità i Plegamans (Barcelona), for the attention of the Recruitment Dept.

- Sending an e-mail indicating the right you intend to exercise and regarding which processing, to the following address: